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Darlene Marshall
Darlene Marshall

Darlene Marshall is an award-winning author of historical romance featuring pirates, privateers, smugglers and the occasional possum. She loves working at a job where business attire is shorts and a shirt festooned with pink flamingos and palm trees. Marshall lives in North Central Florida, a convenient location for researching sites of great historical significance, which also happen to also be at the beach and serve mojitos. Her books have been published in English, German and Estonian.

You can learn more about Darlene by visiting her website:

Books 1-7 of 7
Captain Sinisters Lady Sale: $5.25
Captain Sinister's Lady
Darlene Marshall
Morgan Roberts, AKA Captain Sinister, dreams of leaving the sea, but when the Zephyr comes across a damaged ship wallowing in the Florida Straits, it's just too good an opportunity for any self-respecting privateer to pass up...
Castaway Dreams Sale: $5.25
Castaway Dreams
Darlene Marshall
When a ship goes down, a dour doctor, a dizzy damsel, and a darling doggy embark on the adventure of a lifetime as unlikely companions, castaway on a desert island. One of them may have fleas, but it’s the two humans who will find themselves wanting to scratch a certain itch...
Pirates Price Sale: $5.25
Pirate's Price
Darlene Marshall
Christine Sanders is a runaway wife who believes the best way to live comfortably is to turn pirate and rob a man with money. And the perfect man to rob is her own husband, Justin Delerue, Lord Smithton...
Sea Change Sale: $5.25
Sea Change
Darlene Marshall
A war is raging on the world’s oceans, and two enemies will fight their own battles and their attraction to each other as they undergo a sea change neither of them is expecting, but cannot deny...
Smugglers Bride Sale: $5.25
Smuggler's Bride
Darlene Marshall
Can Rand convince Julia that she's destined to be the smuggler's bride, or is he going to have to make sure she's not able to tell anyone—ever—about what he's up to along the Florida coast?...
The Bride And The Buccaneer Sale: $5.25
“Lucky Jack” Burrell’s quest for revenge against Sophia Deford will have to wait until he discharges a debt. He has to help her find the fabled pirate treasure Garvey’s Gold, then he can wring her dainty neck...
The Pirates Secret Baby Sale: $5.25
The Pirate's Secret Baby
Darlene Marshall
Governess wanted: must exhibit patience and fortitude with precocious little girls, puppies, and most importantly, rakishly handsome pirates. Apply Capt. Robert St. Armand, Prodigal Son...
Books 1-7 of 7

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